Capuchin Food Truck
Bringing the Beatitudes to the Streets

In 2018, the Capuchins were looking for new and innovative ways to bring the Gospel to those living on the streets of Denver, those who felt marginalized and forgotten by society at large. Not having the manpower or resources to run our own shelter, the Capuchins partnered with the Routzon Family Foundation to implement a new food truck ministry.

The purpose of this new ministry was threefold: to share the gift of our Capuchin brotherhood with those felt alone and isolated, to provide healthy food alternatives to what people living on the streets are often given and, finally, to provide a way for our Capuchin brothers to work together in direct, hands-on-service to poor.

For several years now, the Capuchin food truck - often referred to as Friar Truck - has been a familiar site on the streets of Denver. Partnering with parish groups willing to prepare healthy meals, the friars seek out homeless encampments every Friday and Saturday throughout the year. During the colder months, we also provide hats, gloves and scarves.

More than this, we bring the joy of our brotherhood and the Good News of Jesus Christ. We talk with the people, listen to their stories and life experiences and pray for them and their intentions. Many incredible miracles have occurred through these interactions. To share just one story, a middle aged man approached the food truck one day. He stood in the long line for food with everyone else. After eating his meal, he approached one of the Capuchins and took out a large switchblade-type knife. He then handed the knife over to the Capuchin brother and told him:

I woke this morning with the plan to use this knife and end my own life. I felt so hopeless, like nobody cared. Then I saw you guys and your food truck and it changed my outlook. I realized there are people who care, there are people who want to help me. So, I want to give you the knife I was going to kill myself with and thank you for giving me hope. Will you please pray with me?

There are many such incredible stories that could be shared. If you or your parish group would be interested in volunteering on a Friday or Saturday to work on our food truck, reach out and let us know. You can contact us by clicking here.

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