Is God Calling You?

"Let all take the utmost care to discern and cultivate genuine vocations, above all by the example of our life, our prayer and our words, and also by explicitly proposing a vocation.” - Capuchin Constitutions

In an age of corruption and disillusionment, St. Francis of Assisi rose up like a flaming brand to inspire the hearts of countless followers. His fervor for a life committed to prayer, love of the Cross and service to the poor and suffering caused many men to feel the inner burning to follow Jesus Christ with that same authenticity. The Capuchin Reform sought to return to the original ideals of St. Francis and the early friars and, again, the movement generated a massive response from men wishing to give everything for the sake of the Gospel.

Have you experienced that same inner call to give everything for the sake of Jesus Christ? Are you asking the question: "Isn't there something more live for?" God may be calling you to discern a life with the Capuchin Franciscans. Get started now and click on the "Take the First Step" button below.

Fr. Christopher's Vocation Story
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