Books By & About Capuchins

The Capuchin Order arose during the same period as two other very important historical developments: the Counter-Reformation and the invention of the printing press. As a result, Capuchins utilized the wisdom of their Franciscan tradition to publish works on the spiritual life, doctrine, etc. which greatly aided the Church’s counter-reformation movement. Capuchins have continued authoring works on the spiritual life and a myriad of other topics up to the present day. Below you will find an compendium of works in English by Capuchins (admittedly incomplete) sorted according to the author’s last name.

In addition to works by Capuchins, there is a second compendium of books in English about Capuchins. Currently the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin has about 200 members who have been canonized or whose cause for canonization are currently open. As a result, thousands of books have been written about the Capuchins, both on the subject of individuals and on the order as a collective whole. This second list, while also far from complete, is a good starting point for locating some of the books about individual Capuchins. The books are sorted alphabetically according to subject.