Contemplative Prayer
The Primacy of Contemplative Prayer

In all of the Capuchin friaries, the brothers pray the entire Liturgy of the Hours. There is a period of morning meditation followed by the Divine Office and Mass. The brothers meditate and pray the Rosary during the day and return to community prayer in the evening and before bedtime. Prayer is the foundation of the entire Capuchin religious life. The Capuchin Reform put strong emphasis on this return to a more contemplative life and the primacy of prayer in the brother’s daily life. The Capuchin Constitutions state:

It is especially appropriate to imitate our first brothers by a return to their original inspiration, that is, to the life and Rule of our Father Francis. Following their footprints, let us strive to give priority to a life of prayer, especially contemplative prayer.

In addition to the constitutions, other Capuchin authors and documents give concrete expression to this “priority of prayer” in the life of the brothers. The following are a few examples.

The Priority of Prayer
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