Vocation Retreat
Rebuild My Church

As Francis of Assisi was wrestling with the question, "Isn't there something more to live for?" he heard the words of Jesus Christ calling to him from the Cross: "Francis, rebuild my Church, which you see in falling into ruin." Jesus was calling Francis to enflame the people of God with the joy and love of the Gospel. Christ continues to call you men to this vocation, men ready to leave everything behind and give themselves fully to a live of prayer and service. Have you felt the same unrest as St. Francis? Have you been asking the same question: "Isn't there something more?" Join the Capuchin Franciscans in San Antonio, Texas for their Rebuild My Church Retreat, a vocation discernment opportunity in which men will learn more about St. Francis and the Capuchin Reform, meet numerous friars and learn about how we live and serve today. Space is limited and registration is required. To register now, click the button below.