1939-40 Faculty of St. Fidelis Seminary in Herman PA

This vintage photo from our provincial archives in Denver shows the entire 1939-40 faculty of St. Fidelis Seminary in Herman PA, plus their guardian, Fr. Cyril. Front l. to r.: Frs. Austin Waldvogel, Patrick McGann, Benno Hagenmiller, Arnold Yanker, Bertrand Brookman, Cyril Zeller, Gerard Greenwald, Armand Yeaglin, Victor Green & Harold Vogler. Rear l. to r.: Br. Alphonse Vandenberg, Frs. Linus Doemling, Vincent Langguth, Maynard Appeldorn, Alphonse Schreiber, Giles Staab, Carol Warner, Marion Pagendarm & Aurelius Nickel. Only one of these friars, Fr. Harold (1904-98), was ever a member of the Mid-America province: ; but all of them except Fr. Cyril and Br. Alphonse studied philosophy at Victoria. Benno was among the first students to live is the new 1903 building. Quite a few, moreover, served many years in the area now known as Mid-America: Cyril 1909-17, 1922-23 and Austin 1914-21 taught at the Hays Academy, and four others taught at St. Francis Seminary: Gerard 1948-50, Harold 1948-70, Carol 1950-51, Armand 1952-53, and Arnold 1953-59. Marion did parish work in Ellis County 1929-31; Carol in rural Atwood 1949-50 and Walker 1950-52; and Bertrand was pastor of Hays 1956-60 and Atwood 1962-64 and chaplain of St, John's in Victoria 1964-70 and indeed spent the remainder of his years in Victoria and St. Louis, dying in the latter in 1978. Frs. Canice Froehlich, Simon Conrad and Valentine Young were all students at SFS the year his photo was taken. In fact most of the current friars of Mid-America knew and were greatly influenced by these men. (ID by Blaine Burkey, archivist).