Brothers Meet Capuchin Archbishop in Assisi
Deacon Brother Christopher Gama and Brother Ryan Tidball caught up with Archbishop Chaput in Assisi. Here is what Brother Christopher wrote, followed by some pictures: Today was a free day on the Pilgrimage. I was blessed thanks to Archbishop Chaput from Philadelphia to assist Mass during their stop in Assisi. Br. Hai Ho from the Western province also con-celebrated. As you know Charles received his pallium in Rome from Pope Benedict XVI on Friday and he was here in Assisi with several bishops, priests, deacons, and pilgrims from the Denver archdiocese as well as Philadelphia. We Capuchin brothers had a quick visit with him in the Sacristy after Mass before he left back to Rome. It was all God's providence in my opinion how this all came together, and I happy to have had the graced encounter and I will definitely not forget this one!
Archbishop Chaput celebrating Mass in Assisi with Capuchin Friars