A New Ballgame: A Capuchin in Philadelphia
Those who attended the ordination of our brother, Father Barnabas Eichor at Sacred Heart Church last June 24, remember that in my closing remarks I said to Archbishop Chaput, "You can take the bishop out of the Capuchins, but you can't take the Capuchin out of the bishop." Archbishop Charles in an interview with John Allen from the National Catholic Reporter certainly confirmed that. Here is what Archbishop Charles said in response to Mr. Allen's question: “How does being a Capuchin influence your episcopal style? (response) I think it has a huge influence. I and my classmate and good friend, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, exercise that in different ways. For instance, he wears his habit quite frequently, while I never wear mine. That's not because I'm ashamed of being a Capuchin, but because I've always wanted to identify very clearly with the diocesan priests I'm called to serve as a bishop. But I am thoroughly Capuchin, from head to toe. ... I think being a Capuchin has taught me qualities such as collaboration, and embracing the Gospel in very simple and clear ways. St. Francis said we should embrace the Gospel "without gloss," which meant without making excuses that would explain away our commitment to it. I really am very conscious about my responsibility to do that, in my preaching and also in my decisions about church life. I hope that it has made me a good bishop, but it certainly has influenced the way I think about being a bishop.” Archbishop Chaput will remain archbishop of Denver until he returns to Philadelphia for his installation on September 8, 2011.