A New Book by Fr. Mike Scully

The Message of Youth
a new book by Fr. Mike Scully

Youth minister, radio personality and Capuchin priest, Fr. Mike Scully, has just published his most recent book. Hot off the press, The Message of Youth is the fruit of Fr. Mike's many years of experience working with young people in different walks of life. Using the psychology of the young person, combined with the wisdom of Sacred Scripture, and supported by the popular contemporary insights of modern music and film, the book provides a rare glimpse into the specific difficulties facing youth in a high-school and college environment often hostile to traditional Christian morality. Full of suggestions and valuable tips for helping young people to deal with such difficult stages, the book is a great tool for parents, teachers, youth ministers and anyone else in regular contact with the young.

The book can be ordered through Fr. Mike's website at the following url: http://www.frmikescully.com/messageofyouth.html