Annunciation Parish in Denver Catholic
A February 20, 2018 article from the Denver Catholic features the Capuchin presence at Annunciation Catholic Parish in Denver. Titled, "St. Francis of Assisi’s mission alive in Denver parish: Capuchins serve Annunciation Church in footsteps of spiritual father," the article highlights the work of the friars in the parish community. The article begins.... Ornate scagliola columns firmly outline the central nave of Annunciation Catholic Church as if St. Francis of Assisi upheld the Church himself. His life, deeds and words continue to inspire many men and women at the parish, bearing fruit 800 years after his death. The Capuchins Franciscans that have served Annunciation Parish in Denver for nearly 50 years have made this possible. Led by the spirit of the saint, they have attended this Denver neighborhood with a mark of brotherhood, poverty and dedication. “From the time of St. Francis to the present day, our whole approach to ministry is that we are primarily brothers. And [that is exactly how] we reach out to people,” said Father Charles Polifka, pastor of Annunciation Parish and Capuchin for 51 years. “Yes, we have people like myself who are ordained, but primarily, it’s a sense of brotherhood and community that we try to build.” Read the full article at Denver Catholic