On November 18, 2017, Friars from Denver, San Antonio and Colorado Springs represented the province at the Beatification of Brother Solanus Casey in Detroit, Michigan. Br. Jordan Schmiedler was interviewed by Catholic News Agency about the life and legacy of Fr. Solanus Casey. He says that "Solanus Casey, our brother, was man of credible witness who gave hearts and minds to God" He was a man who lived out the gospel in such a way that is gaining attention from young people of our time today. Watch the Video here
General Minister, Mauro Johri during Communion at the Beatification Mass in Detroit
The event was held at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, with over 65,000 faithful Catholics in attendance who had heard about Solanus' legacy of love, humility and gentleness in some way or another. Many knew him to be a man who worked wonders, curing many from sicknesses and diseases. He lived his life in service for many people, As the doorkeeper of St. Bonaventure's friary for many years, he listened to everyone who came to the door. In a country that was shaken by the great depression, Fr. Solanus gave people peace and serenity when he spoke. He reminded people that God was present, often offering words of encouragement and reminders to trust in God's providence and faithfulness. He served Detroit's inner city homeless, thousands of immigrants, pilgrims and those who had no one. He founded a Soup-Kitchen in Detroit that is still run by the Capuchins today. He was a Friar with incredible faith, a man with such conviction and steadfast trust in God's providential care that people began to recognize his virtue and holiness. Father Solanus Casey died in 1957, was declared venerable by St. John Paul II in 1995 and now declared blessed. -You can read a full biography of Bl. Solanus Casey at http://solanuscasey.org/who-is-father-solanus Among the attendees, there were also over 230 Capuchin Franciscans from various provinces throughout the world traveling from as far as India. The event provided a beautiful insight into the reality of joy and genuineness that is present within the brotherhood. Also present were Postulants, led by former Novice Master, Frank Grinko.
from left: Brs Joe, Vincent Mary, Montie and Jordan at the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit.
from left: Postulants Jesse, Jose, Colin Mary (Novice), Clint and Fr. Frank Grinko standing with the woman whose healing was the miracle used to consider Fr. Solanus for beatification.
Postulants featured with Br. Mark Schneck, Fr. Chris Popravak and Fr. Blaine Burkey
Provincial Minister, Fr. Christopher Popravak and Fr. John Lager of FOCUS with Br. Hugo Mejia, the General councilor of the Order.