Book Reveals Keys to Trial of Padre Pio
The journalist Stefano Campanella has investigated the case against Padre Pio. His book “Oboedientia et pax,” offers new clues to understanding the relationship between Pope John XXIII with the saint of the stigmata. Stefano Campanella Author, “Obedientia et pax” “In reality it wasn't as conflicting as it was originally written, in many ways they walked down the same path. In the book you can see that they had much in common: both were priests, and happy to be so, they were ordained on the same day, August 10, and both celebrated the Mass knowing that there were updating the sacrifice of Christ.” The writer based his studies on unpublished documents on the cause of beatification for the Capuchin saint. They revealed that John XXIII was deliberately misinformed about Padre Pio. The book notes the names of those responsible for the slanders and accusations against the saint with the stigmata. Stefano Campanella Author, “Obedientia et pax” “Some badly verified information reached the Vatican about the monk which led the pope to have a negative opinion and reservations about Padre Pio. This changed radically when the Archbishop of Manfredonia cleared this with the truth of what was actually said.” The book, subtitled “The True Story of a False Prosecution,” says that although at first John XXIII was in certain opposition to Padre Pio and was distant towards the extraordinary events of his life, he eventually called for the Capuchin to be left in peace when he saw that many of the accusations were false.