Capuchins Restore Lost Child to Parents
The Indian press carried word May 2 of two Capuchin priests who the previous day rescued a year-old child from the various perils of being "abandoned" on the streets of Mangalore. Awakened by violent thunder and lightning on May 1, the child wandered from its home into the streets. Returning from an early morning trip delivering two other friars to a bus stop, Br. John Harry D'Souza, editor of "Sevak" magazine, saw the rain-soaked child. He summoned Br. Henry Alva, editor of Assisi Press, and the two friars from the Capuchins' Karnataka province took the child into custody and called the police, who later found the parents desperately searching for the child. Possible dangers to the child were that it could have wandered further away thus exposing itself to being snatched away, involved in an accident, or attacked by a band of street dogs.