Competition to Design General Chapter Logo
In a letter dated March 17, 2011, General Secretary Br. Sidney Damasio Machado, O.F.M.Cap. announced a competition to design the new logo for the upcoming 2012 General Chapter. Here is an excerpt from the letter... "The General Chapter is fast approaching and preparations are already under way. During the first meeting of the Preparatory Commission it was decided to launch a competition to design the official Chapter Logo. We hope to involve the largest possible number of brothers, and to announce the winner by January 2012, so that the Logo can begin to be used well in advance of the Chapter itself. It will be a feature of all the links to the website pages devoted to the General Chapter, on the letters and envelopes and on all publications relating to the Chapter both before and during its celebration. With this letter I declare that the competition to design the official Logo of the LXXXIV General Chapter of the Capuchin Order is now open, and I invite all the brothers of the Order to take part in it. The Logo must be original: no image or part of any image found on the internet is allowed. It must be in colour, but with a graphic design that will show up sufficiently clearly also in black and white. A restricted colour range would also be appropriate, so that it can be used against light or dark backgrounds. It is important that the design is clearly decipherable not only in its original dimensions but also when the reproduction is reduced in scale. It is essential that the Logo should contain the Latin words "CAPITULUM GENERALE LXXXIV OFMCAP". Apart from that, you are free to choose any appropriate style, following the dictates of Franciscan spirituality and your own artistic inspiration. The designs for the Logo, in colour, either originals or in a good-resolution electronic format, must reach the General Secretary’s office by December 15, 2011. They will be submitted to the General Definitory, who will choose the one that will become the official Logo of the General Chapter. Designs can be sent by ordinary mail to the General Secretary, Via Piemonte, 70 – 00187 ROMA, Italy, or to the General Secretary’s email address: [email protected]." Source: Website of the Capuchin General Curia