Elections at Our Lady of Light Monastery

The Capuchin Poor Clares at Our Lady of Light Monastery in Denver, CO. held their chapter of elections on Friday, November 3. Sr. Maria de Cristo Palafox (pictured at left) was elected abbess. Other appointments: Sr. Margarita Maria Barrientos was elected vicar and first councillor, and Sr. Teresa de Jesus Angeles was elected as second councillor.

The origins of the Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters in Denver dates the Provincial Chapter of the Mid-America Capuchin Friars in 1986. Then Provincial Minister Charles Chaput (now Archbishop of Denver) and his council were asked by the friars to pursue the establishment of a community of the Second Order.

The Capuchin Poor Clares in Irapuato, Guanajuto, Mexico agreed to the establishment of a monastery in Denver in 1987. The sisters arrived in Denver in November of 1988. To learn more about the Capuchin Poor Clares visit their website: www.capuchinpoorclares.org.

- Some information taken from http://www.capuchinpoorclares.org/denver/history.html