Excerpts from a Letter to the Province
I hope all of you who have access to the internet are following our web page as well as the Brown Robe Benefit web page. I know it takes a lot of time and I must confess that I don’t look at it all that often myself. However, there are some great pictures from the evening at the Governor’s Mansion as well as some really fine pictures of the Brown Robe Benefit evening. And there are “blogs” like “Simon Sez” (reflections from Simon Conrad), interesting archival stories from Blaine, and even a blog “From the Provincial’s Desk.” Joseph Mary has the web page set up so that several of us can upload our own information at will. Not only has Michael Scully published a work recently, but Blaine Burkey has a new book out on Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, “Seelos – The Cumberland Years.” The Seelos Shrine in New Orleans will publish the book in early 2010. Duane Reinert continues to publish, too, in various journals, and our beloved Father Dominic Unger is still selling books from heaven. A check arrives every couple of months from his book sales. And let’s not forget Regis Scanlon! His articles are being published everywhere, it seems, and his web site (which has a link on our province web site) and tapes are coveted commodities. Another interesting note is that Steve Angrisano, song writer and musician, has a new album out on which he has a song dedicated to our own John Lager. John was quoted in rather large print recently in the Leaven, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Friars generally keep these things quiet, but so much is happening that it is impossible for these good things not to become public. I will be coming through the province in the first months of the new year to visit individually with each friar as part of what I call a more ”informal” visitation. I sent each fraternity an email to give a “heads up” as to when I will be in the area. From January 11-15 and at the end of the month I plan to visit with each friar in the Denver area. From January 18-22, I’ll be in the Douglas County area to visit with the friars there and also I want to make it a point to visit with Ron in Missouri. From January 25-29 I plan to be in the Colorado Springs area, and finally, from February 1-4, I’ll visit with the friars in Ellis County. I will also plan another visit to the novitiate to see Anthony. If these dates don’t work for one or the other friar, I will set up another time to accommodate those individuals. Have a great Christmas season. Pray for our men in initial formation and for those who are seriously considering our way of life. Pray for the sisters who will be making some serious decisions in this month of December about their future and who will have elections early in January. Pray for our elderly who have given so much to our province. And let’s pray for one another. Let’s speak highly of one another and praise God for giving us brothers. Jesus is in our midst, in our fraternities. Stop and see Him. Merry Christmas.