Fr. Myron Flax Retires to St. Fidelis in Victoria, KS
Today, July 4, 2011, Father Myron Flax will move to St. Fidelis Friary in Victoria, KS, to begin his "retirement." Fr. Myron has been a confessor and chaplain at The Catholic Center in the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs since 2003. Volunteers and patrons of The Catholic Chapel gathered on June 11, to celebrate Fr. Myron's service. He was and he will continue to be a revered confessor and priest. Fr. Myron was born on September 30, 1928, in Ransom, KS. Myron grew up on a farm and continued to love farming -- especially harvesting the wheat -- all his life. He arranged his vacations around harvest time. Fr. Myron made his first profession as a Capuchin on July 14, 1958. He was ordained a priest on February 10, 1964. Father Myron was sent as a missionary to Papua New Guinea in 1964. He served the Capuchin Mission in the Diocese of Mendi. His missionary work led him to remote parts of the diocese. He was the first westerner to enter the Gambe area in Papua New Guinea and started a number of new parishes in the area. Fr. Myron was attacked by a bull at the Pureni mission station and suffered hearing impariment as a result of that encounter. Since that time, he has had to use hearing aids and has had various procedures performed to help in making his hearing better. Father Myron returned from missionary work after 38 years in Papua New Guinea. He entered a program of theological updating at Aquinas Institute in St. Louis in 2003. From there he went to Colorado Springs to work at The Catholic Chapel at the Citadel Mall. Father Myron is one of those "good and faithful servants" referred to by Jesus in the Gospels. He will be missed at the Mall and also by the friars in Colorado Springs. During his retirement he will be able to "catch up" with his relatives in Kansas. He will be a member of the St. Fidelis Fraternity in Victoria, and he will be available for sacramental needs in our parishes. Congratulations, Fr. Myron, on a job well done. Enjoy a more restful schedule!