Fr. Regis Makes Cover of "Catholic Insight"
scan0003Fr. Regis Scanlon's latest article, "The Church’s teaching on contraception reveals hidden mysteries" is the feature article in the January 2010 issue of Catholic Insight. Fr. Regis, one of the province's most prolific writers, is in the process of constructing a website where copies of his articles as well as video and audio clips of his various talks will be available for download. An excerpt of the most recent article is posted below. To read the article in full, follow the link at the bottom of this post.
It has been 41 years since Pope Paul VI issued his encyclical Humanae vitae (on human life). I remember that a number of Catholics at that time rejected Paul VI’s teaching that contraception was evil. People asked the question: “How can these old celibate priests tell us married folk how to live our lives?” They said that celibate priests were just trying to make marriage miserable for the laity because priests could not get married themselves. They said that nowhere in Sacred Scripture was contraception condemned except in some Old Testament story about a guy named Onan. And this is as outdated as the dietary and health codes of the Old Testament which are no longer followed by the Catholic Church. Finally, Catholic people reported that their local priest said that if their consciences said that they could use contraceptives, then they must follow their conscience...
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