Indian Capuchin Receives Ghandi Award
Earlier this year, Guam Nabi Azab, prime minister of the Indian state of Kashmir, led numerous political, diplomatic, and religious leaders and other citizens of that oft turbulent territory in awarding our Capuchin brother, Peter Celestine Elampassery, Bishop of Jammu-Srinagar, the Mahatma Gandhi Award for distinguished contribution toward peace in Kashmir. It was the first time a Catholic has received the award. The prime minister praised the bishop for his dedicated service in this region, and the bishop replied, “this is an important moment for the church in Kashmir. Our efforts along with the civil authorities to bring about the pacification and reconciliation among a divided people in our area have received public recognition today.” A member of Kerala’s St. Joseph Province, Brother Peter Celestine was ordained a bishop in 1998. He visited Denver and other parts of the US soon afterwards.