May the grace of the Divine Spirit always fill your heart, console you and sustain you in your trial along with all the other souls who are united with us in the same spirit of faith and charity. This, and nothing else, has always been my wish for you every time you tell me about the state of your soul. And this will be my wish for you before Jesus.

I can’t wish you anything else or give you any other recommendation other than that which I have always given you: That is, to be patient a while longer in bearing your spiritual desolation; be patient in submitting yourself to the loving trials to which Jesus, with admirable Providence, subjects you, in order to render you similar to him, and you will see that the Lord will one day completely grant your prayers which are also mine. Don’t be bewildered if the night becomes deeper and darker for you. Don’t be frightened if you are unable to see, with the eyes of the body, the serene sky that surrounds your soul.

Yes, my daughter, don’t be discouraged if the trial continually increases. Believe always, raise your heart on high and rest assured that there is no fear of your being lost. The trial is a harsh one, who says it isn’t? But what of it? Isn’t it God who arranges everything for our greater good? Take heart, therefore, in the hour of trial, wait a while and the good Lord will grant our prayers.

Be patient a little while longer! But what if we don’t know how long this little while will be? It doesn’t matter my good daughter! It will come when it pleases the Divine Spouse and when we will all be transformed in him. But the moment will most certainly come when you will see me!

Just abide in the assurances of authority, you need do nothing further at present. There is no other anchor; there is no other helmsman to guide the little ship of your soul in the stormy sea of this world. Jesus desires your present state.

The above is an excerpt from a letter written by St. Padre Pio to one of his spiritual children on October 22, 1916.