MidAmCap.Org Welcomes Visitor No. 600,000
Sometime about the 20th of February, 2007, Mid-America's provincial web site is about to welcome someone who will drop in for the 600,000th visit to our web site. Begun by Br. Blaine Burkey in 1999 at the direction of the provincial, the site received its first visitor on Apr 28 of that year. By the end of Br. David's term as provincial, over 70,000 visits had been made to the site. Fr. Michael Scully's first term as provincial saw another 180,000 visits to the site, and by the end of his second term in April of this year another 375,000 or so visits will have been made to www.midamcaps.org or its alias www.capuchins.org. For about two years now, Br. Joseph Elder has lent his considerable skills as a web designer to the site, and all of the pages of the site (except the development section) have been updated graphically and contentwise. Br. Blaine continues to oversee the project and contributes much of the text. The blog you are now reading, designed by Joseph, and several other blogs attached to the site, have enabled both he and Blaine to add news items in a more timely fashion. How can you help to spread the word further. Make sure any web site you have influence with links to our site.