Ministry of Caring Honored
In a recent article appearing in Wilmington, Deleware's The News Journal, a Capuchin priest is honored for his work with the poor and combatting injustice.

"Last week's celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Ministry of Caring was a tribute to a humble Capuchin friar and priest, who proved how the vision of a single individual can change an entire community.

"No one has done more than Brother Ronald to enlist thousands of Delawareans with their volunteer time and donations to bring to men, women and children in our community the shelter, food, health care, job training and other help they often desperately need.
Brother Ronald would rather light candles than curse the darkness; his glow has warmed the world, to paraphrase the motto of the Christopher Society and what Adlai Stevenson once said about Eleanor Roosevelt.... Read the full article (external link).