Munjor Photo Actually Taken in Hays

This photo found hanging on the wall of the Munjor, Kansas, rectory, was reproduced in Fr. Earl Meyer's 1976 history of the Munjor parish (p. 36) where it was understandably misidentified as "a group of friars at the main entrance of Saint Francis Monastery." Truth of the matter, however, is that the building shown is the friary built in Hays in 1898. The Munjor friary, built three years later, had no cornerstone near the front door as can been seen between the two friars on the right. The six friars shown — Fr. Richard Dei, Fr. Paul Werr, Fr. Emmeram Kausler, Fr. Leo Egger, Br. Burgardt Loesinger, and Br. Aegidius Schuermann — constituted the first fraternity of the new St. Joseph's Friary, and first occupied the Hays building on September 26, 1898. The year that followed was the only one in which the six friars were stationed together. (Thanks to Fr. Greg Beyer for field work: checking the main entrance in Munjor). (Fr. John Toepfer pointed out on 1-12-2010, a new mystery concerning this photo, first posted on 2-12-2009: Who is the person, seemingly a friar, looking out the window at the left of the photo?)