Penn. Prov. Publishes Parcel of Pascal's Poems
Most of the friars of Mid-America knew Fr. Pascal Schaller, either as a teacher or moreso as a beloved fellow Capuchin friar of our sister province in Pennsylvania. Few knew of his vast literary legacy, since hardly any of his many poems were ever published during his lifetime. From his first year at Saint Fidelis Seminary in Herman, Pa., in 1940 until one month before he died in February of 2005 this humble friar wrote over 1,500 poems which at his request long remained unpublished. The Pennsylvania Province, aided by Affiliate Martha Novelly, have now published a selection of the poems, many of them quite exquisite, in a 70-page book titled Questions for a Tree and Selected Poems. Capuchin Cardinal Sean O'Malley, a former student of Pascal's, wrote the forward. Although written as poetry, many of the pages in this book are Pascal's prayers in lyrical format, reflecting his love of words and his deep faith in God, His people, and His creation. The cover illustration is from one of Pascal's watercolor paintings. The book is available for $10 plus $2 handling from Capuchin Development Center, 220—37th St., Pittsburgh PA 15201.