Pope Meets Capuchins

Pope Francis meets 73 Capuchin Friars Minor of the Italian Province of the Marches and speaks of vocations, poverty, forgiveness, and evangelization. Below is a Vatican News translation of the article published in the "L'Osservatore Romano" newspaper.

Responding to God’s call
The Pope spoke first of all of God's call, reminding the Friars that He calls in different ways. God does so by inviting at all times to conversion. This is a powerful choice, a decision that involves taking the consecrated person forward on the road of life. One of the risks is that of not allowing oneself to be involved and to be questioned by God. Pope Francis called this "religious acidity", the source of unhappiness.

Consecrated persons become "collectors of injustice", he said, according to the typical attitude of those who always feel they are victims and therefore complain constantly. The Pope referenced Saint Teresa of Jesus in this regard, and how she warned against the temptation to consider oneself the object of injustice. This “whining”, said the Pope, is an attitude that must be countered by conversion. Entering the community means preparing to move from conversion to conversion, because that leads to humility.

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