Prayer for the Beatification of Venerable Solanus Casey
O God, I adore You. I give myself to You.

May I be the person You want me to be, and

may Your will be done in my life today.

I thank You for the gifts You gave to Father

Solanus. If it is Your Will, bless us with the

beatification of Venerable Solanus so that

others may imitate and carry on his love for

all the poor and suffering of our world.

As he joyfully accepted Your divine plans, I

ask You, according to Your Will, to hear my

prayer for . . . (your intention) through Jesus

Christ our Lord. Amen.

“Blessed be God in all His designs.”

Fr. Solanus prayed hard and played hard.

He enjoyed life and he reverenced life.

• How would you describe your own balance

between holiness and humanness?

• What examples from your life would you

point to?

• Would you describe yourself as more

outgoing or more cautious?

• What do you most enjoy in life?

• What does all this have to say about who

you are, and who God calls you to be?