Provincial Council Tours the Archives...

The Provincial Archives is nearly complete! After months of construction, planning, and hard work the building which will host the history of the Mid-America Province Capuchins is in its final stages.
Fr. Blaine Burkey, the Provincial Archivist and Communications Officer for the Province, has been the lead man, closely supervising the project from its initial stages.
During their recent meeting in Denver, CO., the Provincial Council had a chance to receive Fr. Blaine's guided tour of the Archives. In the picture at above left, he points out to Provincial Fr. Mike Scully, the state-of-the-art fire suppression system as Frs. Frank Grinko, Jim Moster, and John Cousins look on.
Fr. Blaine, who has been collecting and cataloguing the history of the Mid-America Province over the years, hopes to begin moving material into the building in the coming months. Stay turned to our blog for updates and pictures as the project takes shape.