Quick Trip East May 26-27
In case you are wondering what the “provincial’s desk” looks like, here it is:


Pretty messy, huh? It isn’t always that way. There are times when it is neat and organized, usually before I am gone for a few days. I returned Thursday night from a quick trip east through the province. I left early Wednesday morning and stopped in Hays to see Father Gregory who is recovering from all kinds of medical problems. Fortunately, he should be back in St. Fidelis Friary by Tuesday (June 1). Then it was on to St. Joseph’s for a discussion on parish matters with Father Gilmary. While I was there, I showed Father Canice the pictures on the web of the St. Louis gathering, dropped off a few things (provincials are also mail carriers through the province) and then went on to Victoria. I visited a bit with Fr. Didacus at St. John’s to see how he is getting along. The big news he had for me was the tornado preparations everyone had to make the previous night when all the residents were moved to safety because a twister was sighted southwest of Victoria. At the friary I met with Fr. Bennett and Fr. Thaddeus to talk about Gregory’s situation and how the friars could help. And then I sat down with Fr. Simon to talk about all kinds of issues. Fr. Simon is always a wealth of information on religious life, development work, and Church issues. On to Lawrence. I spent some time with friends before arriving at the friary where I was able to visit with Fr. Jim and talk over his new assignment as well as the transition in the friary and at the VA in Topeka. Fr. John shared some new plans for expansion of the parish facilities in preparation for adding grades to the school. He also needed a new car. Father Earl and I talked over some issues regarding his new assignment to St. Joseph’s in Hays. He also had some boxes for me to transport to the friary in Hays. Father Duane and I discussed the ministry at Haskell Indian Nations University and the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Catholic Campus Center at Haskell. After celebrating Mass and Morning Prayer with the friars and continuing some discussions, it was back to Ellis County. I stopped in again to see Fr. Didacus and to get his blessing on my travels and work. Fr. Harvey was back from his sister’s funeral in Wichita so we were able to talk over some financial matters that needed to be handled. The friars are making preparations for the pre-novitiate program which begins this Memorial Day Weekend. Frs. Frank Grinko, director of the program, and Jim Froehlich, staff member, were also there busily getting things ready. Then on to Hays to deliver Fr. Earl Meyer’s boxes to St. Joseph’s Friary, visit with Fr. Greg and his doctor and then begin the trip back to Denver. I arrived back in Denver around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night and signed checks to pay bills, went through the mail, and responded to email before going over to the friary. It was a quick but fruitful trip. It’s always good to see the brothers. And the car time is a good time to pray the rosary. I have a CD of all four sets of mysteries and prefer to listen to that rather than the talk shows. I also use my cell phone to check on Fr. Regis in Phoenix and do other business.