The Eucharistic Planet

Our planet Earth is so special. There is no other planet like it. Jesus, the Son of God came here, walked on our soil, fished in our waters, and shed His Blood on Calvary.

He also left us the most precious gift, The Eucharist, His Body and Blood. As far as I know, we are the only ones in the entire universe who have this wonderful gift.

In one of Pope St. John Paul’s books, the Sign of Contradiction, he writes about looking at Earth from the moon. He was inspired by the picture one of the astronauts took of our beautiful planet from the surface of the moon.
He wrote that the Earth is filled with the Eucharistic. Our Lord’s Body and Blood is everywhere on Earth, so He calls our home, The Eucharistic Planet.

As I write this, the thought came to me that if there is intelligent life out there, I’m sure God would want us to share the Eucharist with them after we tell them about Jesus. Maybe that’s the Lord’s plan. Perhaps they know nothing about their Creator, His Son, and the precious gift He left us.
But, will we ever get to those other planets that might have intelligent life in far off space ?

We have a lot of work ahead of us. First, we have to take care of Earth. It’s been through a lot. Yet, she is as beautiful as ever.

She’s full of colorful flowers, glorious snows, stately trees, great mountains, blue oceans and so much more. Earth is also overflowing with wonderful, peaceful people, who don’t want to fight or hurt each other any more.

From the moon and the tallest mountain on earth, we can see that the Body and Blood of Jesus is everywhere on earth.

We are truly the Eucharistic Planet.

(Backyard Galaxy is a weekly series featuring reflections from Fr. Michael Suchnicki dealing with God, thoughts from the friary backyard and on our Milky Way Galaxy.)