The Historic Provincial Chapter of 1891

This photo taken at St. Augustine's Friary, Pittsburgh PA, on 23 October 1891, shows 12 Capuchin friars who had a profound effect on the pre-history of the Capuchin Province of Mid-Americca. The main item on the agenda at that Chapter was: Shall the Province of Pennsylvania develop its foundations at Metamora and Peoria, Illinois, and abandon its foundation at Victoria, or shall it close its houses in Illinois and develop the mission in Kansas. The latter prevailed, and additional friaries were opened at Hays in 1893, Munjor in 1902, Marienthal 1905, and Catherine in 1908. Names of the friars and their titles to membership in the chapter: front row: Felix Lex, definitor and guardian of Cumberland; Maurice Greck, definitor; Hyacinth Epp, guardian of Pittsburgh and ex-provincial minister; Bernard Christen of Andermatt, general minister from Rome; Francis Wolff, provincial minister; and Gregory Autsch, delegate from Pittsburgh; back row: Joseph Anthony Ziegelmayer, guardian of Herman; Boniface Rosenberg, delegate from Herman, Marianus Fiege from England, secretary to the general; Anastasius Mueller, definitor; Joseph Calasanctius Mayershoefer, delegate from Peoria; and Angelus Baumgartner, delegate from Cumberland. Angelus left the Order in 1893. Hyacinth and Maurice died in Wheeling in 1907 and 1912; Gregory and Joseph Anthony (a later provincial minister) in Pittsburgh in 1902 and 1919, and Boniface at Herman in 1897. Anastasius and Joseph Calasanctius, two of the first three Capuchins in Kansas, died in Bavaria in 1898 and 1912; Francis in Westphalia in 1915, and Felix on his way back to Bavaria in 1901. Bernard died as an archbishop in Switzerland in 1909 and Marianus as leader of the first Capuchins in California in 1917. (Original found in distorted condition on wall of Munjor rectory; many of its wrinkles digitally excised by Bro. Joseph Mary Elder).