The St. Conrad Messenger - August '08

The August edition of Mid'America's e-news magazine, The St. Conrad Messenger, is now available online. This month features a look at the Capuchin involvement in WYD 2008, the exhumation of Padre Pio, the Portiuncula Indulgence, a tribute to our recently deceased, and more. To view these stories, follow the link: August '08. Back issues of The St. Conrad Messenger (currently there is only one) will be available for viewing and download in PDF format via a link at the botton of Messenger's main page. You will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer to in order to read these files.

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Messenger was created for online HTML viewing and not specifically to be viewed in PDF format, some distortions and errors are likely to occur in transferring the document from one file type to another. However, this should not affect your ability to read articles or view pictures.