TMP Grad Brownback's Running Mate
U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, pro-life candidate for governor of Kansas, named as his running mate conservative Republican State Senator Jeff Colyer on June 1. — Educated by the Capuchins at Thomas More Prep, Hays, 1974-1978, Jeff is an Overland Park surgeon, who served a term in the state House before joining the Senate in 2009. — Brownback said he picked Colyer because of his intelligence, his medical background, his compassion and his dedication to Kansas. “Jeff’s brilliant,” Brownback said of Colyer. “He’s extremely well qualified. He’s talented. He’s a wonderful humanitarian… he’s just a total package.” — Colyer said if elected lieutenant governor he’d focus on reforming the health care system to help consumers and professionals, and work to improve the economy by lowering tax and regulatory burdens. — Colyer and Brownback share in an interest in crisis plagued regions in the Third World. While Brownback has made Darfur and other hotspots legislative priorities, Colyer has gone on multiple medical missions to equally troubled areas.