Two Books by Fr. Mike Scully
Fr. Mike Scully has completed the first two books of a projected four book set. The Gospel in the Modern Media - Daily Meditation is a synthesis of Fr. Mike's 30 plus years of ministry in working with youth as a high school administrator, youth pastor, and parish priest.

The books, each of which span a period of three months, present a daily reading from the Gospels and compare it with a similar theme in popular film and music. This is followed by a thought for reflection and meditation as well as a concluding prayer.

Fr. Mike Scully has given many talks and retreats for high school and college youth. His presentation, "Rock Music and Leadership," has been presented to over 30,000 young people. Fr. Mike is currently serving as Provincial Minister of the Capuchin Province of Mid-America.

If you would be interested in ordering Vol. I and/or II of The Gospel in the Modern Media - Daily Meditation, please contact Fr. Mike, either by email or at this following address:

Fr. Michael Scully, O.F.M.Cap.
3553 Wyandot St.
Denver, CO. 80211