Update from Rome: Fr. Charles reflects on presentation by Fr. Chris Popravak on new Constitution
Fr. Chris (far left) Presenting on Capuchin Constitutions
“We began the Constitution Revision process in earnest today. In a vote this morning, it was decided to accept the text provided by the Constitutions Commission as the “working document” for our discussions. The vote was 140 in favor and 29 opposed. Seven commissions were set up as part of the process to aid the discussions and come to a final decision on what to accept, what to amend, and what to reject. It’s going to be a complicated and difficult three weeks. Fr. Mauro’s (Minister General) words to us this afternoon, after presenting the process, were, ‘Trust us. We know how this will work.’ Fr. Christopher Popravak was the first to make a presentation on the revisions. He made his presentation on Chapter One. It was, in every sense, “marvelous.” He received rave reviews. His presentation lasted 35 minutes which included a hearty applause. He was a breath of fresh air in that his presentation was captivating, educational, and just plain “good.” What a contrast with the other presentations we have had to listen to. I hope and pray that the rest of the presentations will at least approach the bar he set. After Christopher’s presentation, newly formed groups met to determine members of the commissions. Seven commissions will treat the various chapters. Three English-Speaking groups were formed. Friars from Germany, Ireland, and England joined the NAPCC as we now prepare to enter seriously into the process of discussing the text presented by the Constitutions Commission.” (Fr. Charles Polifka, Minister Provincial) NOTE: Fr. Christopher has been on the committee drafting the revision of the Capuchin Constitutions for the past several years. It has required multiple trips to Rome for intense discussion and editing.