Vatican Archives Reveal More on Padre Pio
A new book by Fr. Francesco Castelli titled Padre Pio Under Investigation: The Secret Vatican Files, claims that documents made available from the Vatican Archives in 2006 provides additional information on the supernatural phenomenon surrounding Padre Pio. The following is excerpted from Spirit Daily:
They call them the "Secret Vatican Files": In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI opened access to the records up until the year 1939 of what had been known as the Holy Office. That edict made possible an examination of the Vatican's most fascinating "inside" information on a myriad of topics, including the deepest, most in-depth information on a Capuchin priest named Padre Pio from the east of the country known as the Gargano. As it turns out, there are some real blockbusters in those once-secret records. Although no one expected much to emerge that wasn't known about this stigmatic who has been the subject of countless books, documentaries, articles, and commentaries, fresh and surprising information has in fact emerged -- along with a new phenomenon not previously or at least widely associated with him. "After studies, debates, and interviews, we thought we knew everything about him," writes Father Francesco Castelli in the astonishing new book, Padre Pio Under Investigation: The Secret Vatican Files. "Buried among archived papers was a document of extraordinary importance, which now comes back from the past: the Acts of the first inquiry on Padre Pio ordered by the Holy Office. The document dates back to 1921, and contains the Capuchin's secret revelations -- six valuable depositions [interviews with Padre Pio], given under oath before an Inquisitor of the Holy Office. In them Padre Pio, reveals facts and phenomena never related to anyone, told his autobiography in person, and handed it over to the Church and to history." Source: