I remember when I was actively discerning my vocation. I had already visited the seminary many times and had it eliminated the diocesan priesthood as a possibility. After reading a book on the life of St. Francis of Assisi, I became interested in religious life – and particularly Franciscans. I then did what most young people today do, I went to Google. I learned that there were three Franciscan communities in my city. I searched their websites; I read about their way of life. Eventually, I contacted their vocation directors. This process led me to the Capuchin Franciscans. The Capuchin vocation director invited me to a special discernment retreat called “Rebuild My Church.” Up to that point in my discernment, I really liked what I had read about St. Francis, but I had no concrete experience of modern day Franciscan life. The Capuchin “Rebuild My Church” retreat provided me with that special experience so necessary for good discernment. I had the opportunity to meet Capuchin priests and brothers, to hear about their way of life, to pray and celebrate Mass with them, to visit some of their ministries, and to ask a lot of questions. That experience made it clear to me that this is where God wanted me. On the weekend of February 12-14, 2016, the Capuchins in Denver are inviting young men ages 18-40 to come and enjoy a similar experience. Registration is required for attendance. Please go the following link if you are interested in registering: Rebuild My Church Retreat.