Website Version 4.0 just had a facelift. I believe this is now the fourth incarnation of the Mid-America Province website since I started working on it a few years ago and some people are probably thinking, "enough with the changes already!" As the internet develops, however, new programming languages are created, sleeker, more versatile web authoring software is written, and individual web sites need to keep up with the changes. One of the main reasons for revamping was to switch all of the site files to a new program format which will allow for much easier updating by more than one person. In addition to, I have converted the Brown Robe Benefit website into this same new format. All that remains is to convert the Poor Clares' Federation website.

The new version of the website embeds the most recent headlines from the Province News blog at several locations, thus integrating the two sources and allowing for quicker, easier access to information. In addition, the website news page titled "headlines," feeds together news from all of the province blogs into one simple column. Fr. Simon's "Simon Sez" will be updated on a regular basis from this point (thanks to Fr. Simon for his patience during this transition) as will the provincial's column. Regarding media, I hope to have flash photo galleries up in the coming weeks in addition to audio and video files.

First things first. There are number of pages on the current site that are either incomplete or incorrectly linked. I was not able to "complete" the site offline as I had orignally intended before publishing it due to other factors. Your patience is appreciated while I continue to upload material and work out the kinks and broken links.

If you have any material that you would like to contribute, please send photos, news, etc. to me at my regular e-mail. Thanks.

Br. Joseph Mary Elder