The Imprisoned
Brothers to the Imprisoned

By our Rule and Constitutions, we are called to be lesser brothers to people from all walks of life. There is perhaps no place more fearful or intimidating than a prison. Yet, here too, we encounter brothers and sisters who are seeking the face of Christ, who are thirsting for mercy and redemption, who simply want someone to pray with them.

β€œIn places that were abandoned and where no one else would go, there you will find the Capuchin.” The Capuchins seek to be true to these words, spoken by Pope Pius XI, as they minister to the imprisoned and, often, forgotten.

The Capuchins celebrate Mass, hear confessions, counsel, and catechize in numerous facilities throughout their province territory. These include: juvenile detention centers, county jails, state prisons, immigration detention centers, and federal correction institutions.

Inspired by the words of Jesus, β€œI was imprisoned and you visited me,” the Capuchins seek to bring the light of the Gospel, the mercy of God, and a ray of hope to those who are incarcerated.

Prison Ministry
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